The first restaurant was located in North Alabama in the city of Huntsville in 1983. This was the first Japanese steakhouse in the area. This was in response to the growing popularity of the Benihana franchise. This style of entertainment dining was new and exotic, a complete departure from what most Americans were accustomed to. Back in the 80s, dining options were limited especially for those living outside of a major urban city. The only ethnic choices were the strip mall Chinese buffet or Mexican restaurants.

Following the success of the Huntsville, AL location, our second restaurant opened in Louisville, KY in 1992. The first Louisville location offered more traditional Japanese fare such as sushi, sashimi and washoku along with hibachi dining. Soon after, new restaurants with a sushi bar opened up every few years crossing four states Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.

Just like in 1983 we hope to bring the excitement and ethnic dining experience to you on your next visit to Shogun.